I Hate My Dentures!

Despite the latest innovations in dentistry, tooth loss is still a common problem. In fact, at least 35 million Americans have lost all their natural teeth in one or both arches. The most traditional way to treat complete tooth loss is with dentures. As many as 30 million adults currently use them to replace their missing teeth. Now, they are more realistic than ever, but they will always have their limitations. If you hate your dentures, there is another solution. You can enjoy the next best thing to your real teeth with an implant-retained denture.


Your dentist takes an impression of your mouth to create an acrylic base that features your replacement teeth. It’s held to your gum tissue using suction or an adhesive. This provides an affordable, convenient option that can last several years with the right care; however, there are some disadvantages, such as:

  • Bulky feeling.
  • Loose or slipping denture.
  • Frequent maintenance and care.
  • Irritation to the oral tissues.
  • Only last for a few years before needing to be replaced.

If you hate your dentures, you’re not out of options. There’s another solution to treat tooth loss. Your dentist can stabilize your smile with dental implants.


dental implant is surgically placed into your jawbone to act as a new root. Your jaw fuses to the post to provide a secure foundation for your prosthetic teeth. When replacing an entire arch of teeth, 4 to 8 implant posts are strategically placed into your bone to support the denture. You’ll enjoy a solution that can last for decades while also gaining a close replica of your natural teeth.

Unlike a traditional denture, the process to rebuild your smile will take several months because there will be multiple stages in your treatment plan. Although it will take a little longer, it’s time well spent to benefit from a solution that can last for a lifetime.


A dental implant allows you to replace the entire structure of a tooth, including the root. As a result, you’ll enjoy a variety of benefits not possible with a traditional denture, including:

  • Over a 95% success rate to last for decades.
  • Eliminates slipping and irritation.
  • Regain as much as 70% of your natural biting force.
  • Looks natural to smile confidently.
  • Supports your facial tissues for a youthful appearance.
  • Preserves your jawbone’s density.
  • Easy maintenance and care.
  • Long-term, cost, effective solution.


If you hate your dentures, you don’t need to live with anything less than the best. Your dentist can stabilize your smile with dental implants.

About Dr. Terry Rigdon

Dr. Terry Rigdon is a reputable dentist in the community who has undergone advanced training in many areas of specialty, including dental implants. He combines his extensive qualifications and experience with the latest innovations in dentistry to ensure the long-term success of the treatment. If you’re ready to replace your missing teeth, contact our office today to see if dental implants are right for you.