Candy Canes, Hot Cocoa and Your Teeth

As the seasons change and we get closer to the holiday season, many turn to their favorite holiday drinks like eggnog or hot chocolate with extra marshmallows.  While for many, these drinks are a glance into the past, cups brewing with nostalgia and memories, your teeth have a different feeling toward them.



Many of our favorite holiday drinks are teeming with sugar that, while tasty, have an adverse effect on your teeth and can cause issues for you once the holidays are over. From acidity, tannins, chromogens and more, our favorite flavors of the holidays tend to turn dental centers into hot spots.  Unlike coffee, some teas or wine, hot cocoa won't stain your teeth the same way that that tannins in those other drinks would, but they still contain compounds that are prone to discoloration.  Avoid any nasty surprises during and after the holiday season by keeping your dental care up to date and trusting our dental professionals to help recommend best practices to keep your pearly whites shining.


Have no fear, we aren’t like the Grinch and our local dentist office in Tulsa, OK is here to help.  Whether you are looking for preventative dentistry, restorative or general dental services, we are here for you and we don’t need to double check any lists, whether naughty or nice, we welcome you!  Give us a call today or schedule an appointment to keep your pearly whites as bright as the snow we hope to see. 


Dr. Terry Rigdon has been in practice since 1978, so he has plenty of experience in many aspects of dentistry, including cosmetics like smile makeovers. He has been recognized by the American Board of Oral Implantology/ Implant Dentistry as a Diplomate, one of only three dentists in all of Oklahoma to achieve this honor. If you’re interested in getting a smile makeover in Tulsa, there’s no one better than Dr. Rigdon.